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Our focus

We have built competencies in the inherent aspects of higher education that encompass the scope of learning and teaching. A detailed study on the learning environment in institutions across has enabled us in building a standard global framework for engineering curriculum. This robust framework helps us in connecting various concepts and contextual examples as per the objective. We have primarily focussed on making institutional curriculum more adaptive, by understanding the Pedagogy and Taxonomy and further working on AI/ML models for generating better insights.

Adaptive learning environment

Merging learning and cognitive styles with the ability of technology. This is incorporated into a given curriculum and tailored to the individual learning objectives. It considers various variables, such as individual strengths and weaknesses, learning patterns, attention and retention attributes and importantly the market dynamics on oppurtunities.

AI/ML Models

Building a knowledge graph by using predictive and regenerative models for both students and the educators. This will assist them in bringing timely insights and recommendations.

Contextual Learning

Engaging learners to take up specific learning objectives of interest and sets an interactive path to reach their goal. This provides learners to have a purpose driven learning with contextual examples, along the journey.


Classification of various curricula globally and building a master library with all the concepts and mapping them to the respecive topics. Blooms taxanomy for the content, is taken as the reference, in buliding certain intellectual models, that can map and tag various concepts and its levels as per the learning objectives.

How it works

Building knowledge graph for personalized learning.

Working model

Granular indexing of various topics from the curriculum and prepare a vast library of content with specific concepts in the curriculum. Then our AI engine smartly picks suitable topics and concepts relevant to the learner's journey to create a highly personalized learning path. The learner gets suitable tips and tricks all along the journey with contextual examples to enchance the learning experience.

Student's Learning Path Institution Curriculum AI engine Faculty Employers
We work with

Delivering a greater value to the higher-education ecosystem.


  • Personalised and adaptive learning paths with vivid examples library that engages the learner.
  • Contextual learning with the aid of nano-projects which breaks down complex engineering areas into easily comprehensible concepts.
  • Set career goals, get exposure to industry job roles and skills that recruiters scout for.


  • Smart and efficient delivery of lectures by reducing time and effort in continuous learning and assessments.
  • Automating the daily admin activities, helping them focus on their core function.
  • Access to data and intelligent recommendations for better decision making.


  • Detailed analytics and reports on skill competencies of students across various educational institutions.
  • Accelerating hiring process and reducing the cost, time and effort by offering smart access to a pool of fresh talent.
  • Offer hiring solutions such as Hackathons, Innovation Challenges and Contests.

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