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Our hunger to make a difference to our education system, and motivate India to make our engineering students job ready, has given birth to Edwisely. Our idea was born from our own experiences and learnings over the years. Having lived our dream of working abroad and learning everything the hard way, we realised that our colleges have not prepared us for the real world challenges. The urge to fill this gap, inspired us to come back to India and start working in this direction. Our mission is to create the first student guidance system that not only helps students actualise their dreams, but also make learning fun.
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Ready for the real word
Most students, even those who excel in their studies are also not completely ready for a job. Most of these engineers resort to training centres and boot camps after their graduation to enable themselves for a job. Edwisely aims to bridge this gap seamlessly by helping engineering students from day one, guiding them discover their passion and prepare them for the infinite opportunities in the industry.
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Empowering Our Indian Education System
For the last few decades, our educationalists have been talking about our system needing an overhauling. Though measures have been taken in that direction, they have not made a significant difference. We dare to change it. We want to create this ripple effect by empowering the educationalists, inspiring the students and empathising with the industrial needs.
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We, from our childhood, have been taught to do well in our studies, without actually focusing on its application in the real world. Also, our education system has not enabled us to discover the millions of opportunities out there. Edwisely wants to fill those shoes of a mentor, a guide, who will help these engineering students explore their career options and also guide them to get there. Edwisely will help them draw a plan of action, help them define and customise their learning paths to achieve their goals. These learning paths will help them connect the concepts they are learning with real-time applications from the industry. We achieve this through various techniques which enable them to get a holistic view of the topic at hand. We also have different ways of determining the lag in achieving their goals and redefine the learning strategy for them.

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Our indian educationalists have been producing many genius minds that we are all proud of. However, we are living in the renaissance of technology and they do understand very well that technology and education practices cannot be kept apart. To empower them and enable them to provide personalised education to each of their students, Edwisely provides them with monitoring tools to easily evaluate the students, provides them with learning tools that help them tailor the content as per the students’ requirements. Using Edwisely’s learning analytics and assessment tools, faculty will also be able to strategize their remedial plans. We proudly claim that we are able to reduce the turnaround time of the assessments by 90%.

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This massive gap in demand vs. availability of good engineers is taking a huge toll on the industry. As a strategic approach, they are filling the gap by upskilling these engineering graduates during their initial years of employment but they are aware that this will not work in the long run. Edwisely is being seen as a boon in disguise. Edwisely tools have been accelerating the upskilling process of the students and thus, providing ready to hire talent pool. Companies can now select these students with the right match of attitude, passion and skill. Edwisely, thus is making a mark of its own creating history and revolutsing the way things are done in India.

The names
behind the change
Yashwanth Tudimilla Co-founder and CEO of Edwisely

Yashwanth Tudimilla

After applying his Data Science skills to maximize revenues for global airlines, Yashwanth took up the challenge of modelling Human Learning and accelerate it via personalization. His vision is to revolutionize the world's learning systems to meet future demands. He is the Chief Executive at Edwisely and studied Computer Science in IIT Madras.

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Harsha Kankanala

Having come from a family of teachers, Harsha has always been passionate towards education. He has been researching ways to improve education and make it more engaging and purposeful. Harsha has a Professional Doctorate in Engineering from TU Delft, Netherlands and is currently focussing on student-centric innovative learning systems and product development.

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YS Rao

A seasoned professional with 30 years of Industry & IT consulting experience, Y S Rao architected and implemented complex business solutions to customers across the globe in diverse industries. He brings his expertise to Edwisely by forging all key partnerships with academia and industry.