Customize Your Learning Path

Through our in-house artificial intelligence layers, Edwisely customizes learning paths for the students. This helps them learn with a whole new perspective of relating and connecting the concepts in the curriculum with real-time applications from the industry. enables students to understand topics faster with minimal effort.

Personalized Approach to Learning

Every student has a unique way of learning a concept. The textbooks have relatively old-school approach to learning and the classroom learning is just a customized adaptation of the textbook way of teaching. Edwisely provides multiple paths to understanding a concept through The Engineering Knowledge Graph (EKG). This gives the student a holistic view of the subject they wish to learn and understand the various ways in which it can be grasped.

Outcome-Based Learning

Edwisely uses Bloom's Taxonomy to assess and determine the depth of knowledge of a concept for every student. Based on the response to a question, Edwisely's adaptive engine determines the next question. In the process, Edwisely quantitatively establishes the progress of the student in the concept. Hence, students can figure out the level of understanding in a certain subject and bridge the gaps in their learning.

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