Accelerate Your Hiring Process

Accelerate your fresher hiring process through Edwisely. We provide access to an exhaustive talent pool from which you can pick the set of candidates who fit the required roles thus reducing the cost, time and effort which goes into fresher hiring.

Skill Competency Mapping

Detailed analytics on skill competencies of students across various educational institutions will be available to companies for recruitment. Since the questions and content are standardized for all students using the app, a comprehensive view of their skill levels can be viewed. This allows companies to choose from a definitive pool of students based on their competency level in the required technology or skill.

Determine the Employability of Prospective Employees

Through our advanced AI systems, we capture interpersonal skills of students to evaluate employability of prospective employees. The employers get a holistic view of each interpersonal trait captured and the level of that trait among various prospects. Traits like adaptability, proactiveness, and team work can be measured to support culture fit.


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