Student Learning Analytics

Educators can easily monitor their students' performance, measure their concept depth and help meet their learning outcomes though Edwisely's Learning Analytics. It exposes areas requiring additional help, and drive remedial paths for students at an individual or class level.

Optimize Your Course for Better Understanding

As students progress through the basics of a lesson on Edwisely, they may see information presented in various ways, tailored to their learning needs. Our system “learns” from student interactions and then adjust the path and pace of learning. As a faculty you can tailor the content and assessments based on the needs of students.

Live In-Class Assessments

After a lecture session, the faculty can send a live in-class assessment to get an insight into the understanding level of students for the concepts discussed during the lecture. Through Edwisely's assessment module, the faculty can select the type and difficulty of the questions and get instant results of the test. This helps the faculty in taking immediate remedial action based on the results thus improving their students' understanding of the topic being taught.


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